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* Revolutionary approach to controlling Red Mite in Poultry.                  * Environmentally friendly

* 95% killed in 48 hours including eggs                                                        * No egg withholding period

* Effective against bacteria, virus, yeast and fungi                                     * Non-toxic

* Can be used safely around your birds.

Poultry-Shield is a safe liquid concentrate, diluted before use, for spraying onto the Red Mite and their eggs.

It is essential that Poultry-Shield actually makes contact with the mite and their eggs. The reaction on contact is the breakup of the wax coating causing dehydration and death of the mite. Poultry-Shield at the same time penetrates the protective coating of the mite eggs producing a similar reaction. The kill time from contact of Poultry-Shield with the mite to eventual dehydration is approximately 72 hours.

Poultry-Shield is supplied in 1 litre or 5 litre sizes and diluted at the rate of 2 part concentrate to 8 parts clean water. We recommend regular use of Poultry Shield when cleaning your Henhouse to help prevent infestation of mites and to give the hens a healthy living environment.

The effect is the destruction of the mite eggs thus breaking the reproductive cycle. Unlike the powders which only work in contact with the mite, Poultry-Shield has a deep penetrating effect into the cracks, crevices and corners where the mite aggregate to sleep and lay eggs.

We also recommend using Diatom Parasite Control Powder for its residual effects when there has been a particularly bad infestation of Mite.

Diatom is 100% natural and works both as a residual powder to keep all mite/lice under control and can also be added to feeds as a wormer, not only with Poultry but also with most pets and animals including Horses.

Using Poultry Shield Solution you will find the mite will not die immediately but you should notice a significant difference within 24 to 72 hours.


In a 20% solution, this product is able to clean and remove the organic matter present on material, equipments & cages.

It has excellent sanitising properties and will reduce cross contamination. Poultry Shield’s deodorising properties will greatly reduce the ammonia content in the atmosphere. Poultry-Shield has also been shown to be effective against Maggots, Forage Mite, Litter Mite etc.

Bonuses are that Poultry-Shield is a bactericide; a virucide (kills viruses - particularly important with regard to Avian Flu), and a fungicide.

Poultry-Shield is a multipurpose cleaner. We recommend regular cleaning of the Chicken Coop with this product to keep the danger of all infections at bay.

* Best applied with a Pressure Sprayer or on a smaller scale with a used, rinsed kitchen cleaner spray bottle.

* Dilute at the rate of 2 part of concentrate to 8 parts of CLEAN WATER.

If the solution is too weak or too strong, its benefits will be reduced accordingly.

* Clean out the house in the late afternoon of all litter and nesting materials.

Please note: The house should be dry before the solution is applied. If sprayed when the walls are wet, the Poultry Shield will be diluted again, making it virtually ineffective.

* Just before dusk, shut out the hens before thoroughly spraying the house. Having loaded the sprayer, soak the house from top to bottom. Do not rely on just misting the poultry house, as it has to be thoroughly wetted with the solution, so that the liquid can penetrate all cracks and crevices, removing Mite as well as their eggs. If your house has removable perches, remove these, scrape clean and spray liberally, do the same with their nest boxes/trays.

* Pay particular attention to where the ends of the perches sit in the house as that is their favourite place as well as the roof & framing joins etc...

* The birds can be allowed back in immediately.

* Repeat again within 5 to 7 days as a precaution against any missed areas or hotspots. (This is very important so that the reproductive cycle is broken)

* In the case of a bad infestation or should the house have a papered or insulated roof, it may be necessary to strip off the paper, treat and re-paper.

* Keep an eye on the crevices for a few days to make sure there are no places where the solution has not reached, especially under the house and re-spray if any more adult mite is found.

* When cleaning Water Drinker rinse out with Poultry Shield solution to attack bacteria.

1 litre $30

$8.00 normal courier but $18 Rural Delivery

5 litres $100

$15.00 normal courier but $25 Rural delivery


Quite simply Diatomaceous Earth is the fossilized remains of ancient algal shells called Diatoms or Phytoplankton. Diatoms are the grass of the waterways of the planet. Much in the same way grass is the staple food of land based herbivores. Diatoms (algae) are the foundation basis of all aquatic life and form the most plentiful group of individual species known to man. There are more types of Diatoms in the world than all land plants combined. The Diatoms living in the waterways absorb minerals and elements from water enabling them to ‘build‘ their tiny shells. Consequently, the fossilized remains have captured and contain the some 15 trace minerals used to form the shell. As they die the microscopic diatoms drop to the bottom of the waterways and form deposits of essentially marine sediment. These sedimentary deposits are later mined, milled, dried and bagged creating Diatomaceous Earth or more commonly known as DE. DE is widely used internationally for a host of industrial, agricultural and horticultural applications. Just like all animal and plant groups there are many different species of Diatoms – potentially some 25,000 types world-wide. Some Diatoms are salt water based, others are fresh water based. Salt water based DE is generally used for industry as a filtration aid, paint and chemical additives. This salt water form of DE is known to be harmful to humans and animals and should only be used for their intended industries. Fresh-water DE is considered to be ‘Food Grade’ and has been shown to have a myriad of uses. For a number of decades fresh-water or food grade DE has demonstrated to have excellent health benefits for mammals and plants when used correctly.

Available in:                    300gm Puffer $16.00

                       1kg $20.00              2kg  $35.00

               $8.00 normal courier but $18.00 Rural Delivery

                       4kg $70.00              8kg $120.00

              $15.00 normal courier but $25.00 Rural Delivery



Saturate the affected areas.

Repeat the same coverage in 2-3 days.

Keep in a warm place.

Available in

                                               125mls $9.00

              $5.00 normal postage but $12.00 Rural Delivery

                                500mls $20.00

              $8.00 normal courier but $18 Rural Delivery


BioDri is a super absorbent deodorising powder. Extremely effective in absorbing liquids and ammonia gas; inhibiting the growth and spread of bacteria and other harmful organisms. BioDri is environmentally friendly and is non-hazardous to animals and people. This product is recommended for use in housing for poultry, rabbits, horses and any other livestock in both domestic and commercial settings.

Directions for use: Add 1 cup per square metre on top of fresh animal bedding. After the animals have settled, sprinkle more BioDri as required, once or twice a week, depending on levels of soiling. Apply BioDri around pop holes and areas around feeders and drinkers to help prevent the spread of disease in the communal areas.




  • Testimonial:

  • From Alister, Christchurch. My pigeon lofts are reasonably close to my neighbor who tends to complain about them. In particular smell and attracting flies. I, of course keep them clean as I can but in breeding the season it might be an issue for some. Is there a product you sell which helps? Poultrynz supplied Alister with 5kg of BioDri. Feedback from Alister: I use BioDri on my loft floor which I scape weekly. It does help dry the wet droppings and reduce the smell. Easy to use.

Available in

                                     1kg $12.00

                $8.00 normal courier but $18.00 Rural Delivery

                                                5 kg $35.00

                   $15.00 normal delivery but $25.00 Rural Delivery