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Ian Selby

P.O.Box 254, Waitara, 4346, Taranaki, New Zealand


This is a Private Print Sale Kurt Zander Poultry Prints


Orders are made by email only. Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

TERMS:It is advisable to enquire first to ensure the items you require are still available. 

All sales are final. There is no minimum order.


Postage & insurance is extra on all items.

Goods sent without track and trace and/or insurance at your own risk.


Postage & insurance is extra.

I will endeavour to keep the costs as low as possible.

Goods sent without track and trace and/or insurance at your own risk.

METHODS OF PAYMENT:Inland: Payment can be made by Internet Banking.

Overseas: Please ask your bank to make sure you pay all charges otherwise there may be charges at this end.

So if the amount is $100nz ask the bank to make sure  $100nz is received in my account. Optional - Paypal.


Kurt Zander Prints
Originals from book.
These are not modern reprints. 

Approx size 21cm x 15cm




Sulmtaler $12

Gefperberte Gdyotten $12

Dominifaner $12

Dark Brahma Male $12

Buff Cochin  $12

White Faverolles $12

White Leghorns $12

White Dorkings $12

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams  $12

Bergifdye Sdylotterfamme $12

Oftfriefifdye Goldmoven $12

Blue Breda $12

White Romelsloher $12

Naffauer Mafthuhner $12

Chamois Wyandottes  $12

White Crested Black Polish (Poland)

White Wyandottes $12

Deutfche Zwerge  $12

Buff Wyandottes $12

Silver Laced Wyandotte Male

Silver Laced Wyandotte Female

Gold Laced Wyandotte Female

Gold Wyandotte Wyandotte Cock $15

Blue Laced Wyandotte Male $15

Blue Laced Wyandotte Female $15

Partridge Wyandotte Female $15

Partridge Wyandotte Male $15

Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Male  $15

Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Female  $15

Columbian Wyandotte Female  $15

Black Wyandotte Male  $15

White Wyandotte Bantam Trio  $15

Black Wyandotte Bantam Pair  $15

Double Print
Partridge Wyandotte Pair
White Wyandotte Bantam Pair  $15

Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam Pair  $15

Silver Pencilled Wyandotte Bantam Pair  $15

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